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I attended London Collage of Fashion for two of my best years

I started my own business when I turned 50! It's never too late!

I was in the E4 Great British Hairdresser 2010 (great experience)

I was obsessed with flamenco dancing in my 40's

I own 2 custom built Dolls houses my husband built for me for Christmas aged 30

If I wasn't a hairdresser I would have been an interior designer

My children and grand daughter are the best things I helped invent!

City and guilds Hair, Beauty/Makeup, Barbering, Wig making

Assessor D32-D33 NVQ



Hobbies: I love cooking on Sunday's for my family

Book: My best book is Mud Bound

Album: I'm enjoying the Sam Smith Album at the moment

Country: Italy is my favourite country next to England of course!

Product: My Favourite perfume is Molecule Eccentric ( that's me)

Designer: The designers who inspire me are Donna Karan and Vivian Westwood

Episode 10 and the Grand Final saw James, Josh and Keris experiencing the glamour of LA and meeting hairstyle icon Vidal Sassoon the creator of the 5-point bob. After the challenge of creating their own signature style, Josh made a dignified exit (shame he had to go!) and the remaining two returned to London to style the super Saturdays at their photoshoot. ‘Photo fabulous’ hairstyles were produced and the decision to pick the winner was obviously very difficult for James B and Jo. However a decision had to be made, and Keris was crowned Great British Hairdresser. Well done to all the 10 contestants and nice to see James B without his hat on! Now what are we going to do on a Monday night!

Episode 9 and it’s all out for an ‘upfront’ big and bold look for the next challenge the remaining four contestants encounter. Russ Meyer is the inspiration and the location is Va Va Voom Vegas! The pressure is on and the stylists feel the heat in the Nevada desert with short fuses all around including James B. In the end after much dehydration and tears, even from James B, a difficult decision was reached and funny Alexander is now out of the Show. Watch next week for the Grand Final! ‘Citing!


Episode 8 saw the remaining housemates exposed to the pressure of working on the hair of the runway models at the London Fashion Week. Tempers and nostrils flared and the contestants were pushed to the limit . Great results in the end but James B was not happy and couldn’t chose who to evict. Shock decision by Daniel to bravely decline to continue. It must have been a huge relief to the others …….


The Show must go on (without our Charlotte though – sigh!) and the remaining housemates are dashing around Ibiza, emotions are running high and fuses seem short. Lovely Zac is now out of the show having honourably sacrificed himself by suggesting Keris stay in rather than him! What a trouper!


Episode 5 (28 March).Well, Charlotte is now out of the Show but, hey, what an incredible experience for her! Definitely a lot learnt and the differences between a glamour location shoot and styling in a salon appreciated. Working in a team on a particular style for that all elusive and exclusive ‘money’ shot is more difficult than it may appear. Also understanding that hair is not the main concept but certainly makes the look and, has to be done within a tight time frame, is a bit tricky! James B’s experience in dealing with celebs and this environment shows through and so Charlotte has taken a lot of insight and advice away with her for any future opportunities that may arise.


She was also quite taken with the clip from Harry Hill’s TV Burp showing her walking her ‘Badger’ in the woods. Not bad to be on prime time telly on a Saturday evening even if it was risque innuendo ridden!


A huge thank you to everyone who has watched the Show, emailed, facebooked and website commented. Charlotte has received immense support and is extremely grateful plus she has made some really lovely new friends. Good luck to the remaining contestants and keep watching…………….:)


Episode 4 (21 March) and Charlotte has a few sticky moments with James B! Still, a great result and she’s in for another week! Challenge 1 proved traumatic as although the hairstyle was fabulous James wasn’t happy that she didn’t appear to listen to his advice. Challenge 2 was a colourful explosion punk style and even got the thumbs up from Jaime Winstone. Is her punky model the ‘Nana who knits Shreddies’? I think it is …….!

Episode 3 (14 March) saw Charlotte and her Badger Babe . With a beautiful setting and fabulous garments by Nichole de Carle, we saw the 10 contestants being exposed to the vagaries of a glamour fashion shoot. James B threw them into the fire and watched them burn! The photographs by Paul Oakley from the shoot were amazing even though James criticised practically everyone’s styles. It was sad to see Aileen go but she should be very pleased to have got so far in the competition.


A sneak snippet about tomorrow’s Episode 3! So. it’s down to the woods today and you get to spot Goldilocks! Is it James B (who knows what’s under that hat!) or is it the genuine and lovely glamour puss Abbey Clancy? Whoever it is, animals are the theme, cute furry ones in particular. Which animal does Charlotte have to interpret into a hairstyle? No prizes for the answer! However, here are a couple of images to get you thinking!


Well, Episode 2 (7 March)- so far so veeeery good!

Charlotte has got through to the Final 10 and, not only that, when she was chosen, James Brown, celeb hairdresser, shot straight from the hip and said she was ‘ a strong candidate’ while everyone else got minor/major criticisms! Certainly her Mohawk creation was a-ma-zing! Below is a photo of Charlotte and her housemates.


James Brown was interviewed just before Episode 2 and below is one of the questions he was asked.

Do you hope that the show inspires more people to get into hairdressing?

“Totally. It’s really hard to find young people who want to come into hairdressing. I know it’s only hairdressing – we’re not saving lives and doing organ transplants – but you train for three years. You sweep floors and you get paid crap money, so it’s really hard to get young people into the industry.”

Episode 1 Monday 28 February. Charlotte was chosen from hundreds of applicants to appear on the show ‘The Great British Hairdresser’ with the first episode on Monday night at 10pm on E4. This is an incredible achievement for her and during the programme Glamour hairdresser, James Brown, said Charlotte’s hairstyle was the best and he would love to see her style on one of his celebrities, Kate Moss being one of them.

During the first challenge each stylist was given a photo of a celebrity ranging from the Queen to Kylie with the brief to apply their own interpretation of the hairstyle to their models. Then, to further challenge the contestants, all the models were swapped around and Charlotte had to work on a model with a wig glued to her head, which was different and quite a test in itself.


The result, in the style of La Roux, is below:

She has now progressed to the next round, with 10 contestants left, and will be living in a house in London to continue to the next stage of challenges. Follow her progress next Monday 14 March at 10pm E4. You can catch the first episode, and subsequent episodes, by clicking Also catch up with James Brown on Facebook (James Brown London)





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